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Step up and be a man

Why are so many of our youth raised by single mothers? It’s sad to say but our men are dropping the ball…Since when did it become ok to have a child and forget about it? The answer is never! Men lets start being role models to our kids. We go out and have multiple babies mamas and just leave our kids with out a father. As a man we have the opportunity to give a child life, and yet we negate the responsibility and dump a child to a single female? What happen to the good old mother and father families? That is what is needed for a healthy kid and family. As a male could you answer or help your daughter with her period? Probably not, because we have never been through it. Same goes for a female raising a male. A male needs a male influence in their life to help them in times where only a male would know what’s wrong. There is a reason God made it this way and it is because he understood what it would take to raise a healthy family. Knowing how important a mother and father are to a kid why do we throw around these responsibilitys like a ball of trash? I grew up with my father chasing the american dream and freedom for our family, with him never around I have first hand experience in this field. Now nothing against my father because he is still in my life and I do consider him a role model. But my problem isn’t with the husband/wife that couldn’t make it work. Because sometimes a divorce is the best thing (hate to say it, and am against it). My problem is with those males that don’t even attempt to be a part of their sons life. The ones who act as if a child is no big deal. Being older I act as a role model to my younger brothers, and let me tell you it feels good. To have my brothers come to me when they are in need makes me thankful. I’m thankful because it’s me they look up too and not some athlete or worse the local drug dealer. Who is your kids mentor? You may not buy into this but you are your atmosphere. Your family and home life is a big part in what shapes a child into the adult they become. It’s sad to think that some people just have kids to collect a welfare check or to claim them on taxes, or maybe for child support. You get the picture, we act as if a child is nothing but a dollar sign or an object that we can throw away when we feel like. This should be so far from the truth, yet it is going on around us every day. We as men and role models need to step up to the plate and mentor our kids. We need to compliment our wives and make them feel important. We need to step up as positive figures in our community and do what is right. If we keep showing our kids that these actions are ok then I’m scared for the up coming world. Change starts with us, and we need to do what is right. Not only for our selves but for our community, city, and mostly our kids and family. It’s never too late to be a positive influence so lets make the change!


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