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What Inspires Us?

Hello everyone, Hands Team back again and I know its been a long time. I apologize and beg of you all to forgive me, Thanks :) . Today I wanted to talk about what inspires us (Helping All In Need Donation Services). Our inspiration comes from the want to make this world a better place and acting upon that. Everywhere you look now a days it seems as if people do not care about anything anymore. With that exact attitude this world will never be a better place. The people of America must stand together as one such as our founding fathers did years ago. We must work together, help each other, care for each other, and love each other. Working together is going to be the only way that we can make a difference. -Individually we are one drop, Together, we are an ocean. -Ryunosuke Satoro. As I peer at the world through my brown eyes all I can help but see is how much our middle and lower class are suffering while the big corporations of America have all time high profits. As I peer at the world I notice more and more corruptness everyday. Greed right now is at an all time high and the only people it is affecting is everyone except for the extremely wealthy. What inspires us? Well that’s an easy question. The humanitarians and philanthropist Changing the world so that each and every man, women, and child can have a quality life, that’s what inspires us. The Military Soldiers serving our country everyday so our families back home can be free, and anyone else that is doing their part in helping bring peace to our world. Not a life of greed and corruption, but a life of unity and harmony inspires us. An America where 90% of the currency is not owned by 1% of the country’s people, that inspires us. Check out this great documentary for more information The One Percent by Jamie Johnson and Nick Kurzon. We all can make a difference. “Through our hands we will change the world.” its time for us to Inspire back!

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