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Rogers Flea Market

The HANDS street team held an event at the Rogers Flea Market, “…the Tri-state’s largest open air market featuring more than 1,600 vendors selling everything, and we mean everything, from antiques to fresh vegetables.” HANDS had two tables in front of building H, one table setup for people to buy raffle tickets for the Hands Raffle for Charity, and second table for people to buy hand-crafted Unity Bands. It was so nice to get so much love from all the people that came over to our table. We took some video and some picture you can view below.



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  1. I was told by team members at the Rogers Flea Market that I could give you my sons address and you would send him a care package while he is deployed.
    The address is:

    Thank you! This will be greatly appreciated by him!! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!

    • We got the address. I deleted it off your comment for security reasons. We just received a bunch more products and we are coordinating with the USO this week to get them out. We have recorded the address you have given and we will forsure send out a care package to Sgt. Compton. Thanks for your support!

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