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iPhonics, Aaron Lafette, Britni Elise - Thanks for your support!

The HANDS Team tailgated in the Muni Lot at Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio on October 2nd, 2011. We set a table, and started the tailgating fun. We started bright and early, at about 8am (give or take an hour haha). At about 11am, we heard noise coming from across the parking lot. Curiously, we drifted toward the sweet sound of loud pumping music. As we got closer, you could see a stage, with four young, well dressed men jamming out on top of a flatbed tow truck. A crowd was starting to form. Of course, HANDS Team made our way to the front and started raging to the Cleveland-swag sound of iPhonic. The performance was epic. Afterwards, we somehow found ourselves behind the stage lacing up iPhonic, Aaron Lafette and Britni Elise with Browns colored Unity Bands supporting our troops! These local artist are on the rise to the top and it felt great knowing everyone is out here to support a good cause and help people. Thanks again you guys rock and can’t wait to see you all on the MTV music awards. But in the meantime, watch this:


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