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June 2012

5k Run for the Paws Follow Up

We did it! We held our first 5k Run for the Paws to help the Stark County Humane Society. There were 78 pre-registered runners and an extra 11 Runners showed up the day of the event! (June 2, 2012) Thanks to all who helped us setup the run and also a big thanks to the runners who participated. We had such a good time

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Retirement at age 85 instead of 65?

I overheard the other day while I was walking past the posionvision, that some millionaire was endorsing raising the retirement age to 85 instead of 65, and wow my jaw dropped. I already think that being trapped in a job for 40+ years is long enough to ask of a human, and to want to take another 20 years of what is suppose to

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