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Earthquake hits Japan!Whats next?

God bless the people of Japan and may our prayers be with them as they go through this catastrophy. Japan has suffered from not one but several  of the worlds worst earthquakes of all time reaching a highof 9.1 on the richter scale. Scarrryy!!! This is not only a horrible earthquake but it is also the cause for a land sweeping Tsnuami that has wiped out land across Japans coast. Many people are suffering and many lives have been lost and I cannot imagine what the people are going through. I pray for these people and i encourage everyone to do the same.

What is going on in this world right now? Week after week i read article after article of all these strange events happening and its almost like the world doesnt even want to aknowledge the major things that are happening. Earthquake in New Zealand, Floods in Australia, birds dropping from the sky with no answers, fish washing up on land with know cause. What is going on? Its just another event it happens. Its our world running its course. FALSE!!! This is wrong there is more to it and i do not know what it is but i know there is more. Is the world ending! Is the earths gravitational pull changing and causing it to errupt? Is 2012 really when the world is going to fall off the map? I hear these questions lingering everywhere. People are talking and i think some are starting to get scared. This world is corrupt with evil things.  I feel so many of us our lost. I watch the latest music videos that come out(sit and stare after like did that really just happen, can they actually put this on tv and youtube. SCARY!), and they make me sad. There is such a horrible message being distributed and music has so much power. These artists have such an impact on our world, they control the fashion trends, the  automobiles we drive, the games we play. If they are doing it much of the world follows suit. Unfortunately many of the things that are being done are wrong and this is leading many to a life of wrong.

People have lost the meaning of life. Have you ever felt like there is more to life than what your doing? There is more to life than making yourself happy? Well there is and it may hurt to read this but sorry think about. You are born and live a life and die in the blink of a second. Doesnt that make you feel like there has to be a purpose to all this LIFE that we live. Its not about you its about others we need to be reaching out and doing what we can to help the others in need. No you dont have to go out and become a super hero and save lives for a living. This just means that instead of worrying about where you are at always, take a minute and look around reach out your hand and help someone. Maybe you need the help, maybe someday you will need that hand. Well i promise you this, if you give that hand out now, someones hand will be there for you when you need it.  Lets make a difference in this world! Through Our H.A.N.D.S We Will Change The World!

PSALM 116: 5-6 The lord is Gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion. The Lord protects the simplehearted; when i was in great need, he saved me.


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