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How do we start to make a difference?

You take a look at the world and what do you see? Are you that person always talking about how the world could be a better place? What are your thoughts? Possibly you think that the world should be peaceful and happy, rid of all the violence, war, murder and so on. Are you peaceful and happy? Maybe you think the world should help to abolish poverty and world hunger! Have you helped the poor and hungry? You might even think about how the big businesses in america have eliminated the small business owners and have aided in our road to a recession. I have no clue what you think about, but I do know how you can start making it happen. Think of this, your whole life you have grown up eating whichever food you desired. One day in the future all of a sudden your food selection catches up to you. You stare yourself in the mirror, dont like what you see, what do you do? First thing I would do is call every company I buy food from and demand they make it fat free and good for you. Next I would make sure to continue doing everything I was doing when I gained the weight and not change a thing in my lifestyle. Sounds like a plan huh? Your probably thinking…… Makes no sense and your absolutely right. That is probably the last thing I would do, in fact none of that would even cross my mind. First thing I would do is change my diet and exercise schedule. A complete lifestyle change! Albert Einstein once said “the definition of insanity its doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The real solution to making a change is by starting with yourself! If you wish the across to be happy you need to be happy! Why is it we sit back and complain about how the world needs to get along but then we go and argue with some one else. Why is it we sit back and preach world peace but we are the first ones to start a war? The real change starts from each and every individual in the world. If we can change ourselves for the better maybe we can see the difference! How ever you think the world should be mutate yourself into that person and see if you dont make a difference, the choice is on you…… But then again it always has been…..

OutReach: Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi


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