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Say I’m sorry much? You should…..

Hello again my fellow people, as you may know I am currently reading Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People by Rich Devos (highly recommended) and I’m currently on chapter two. Chapter two has got to be one of my favorite lessons of all time ….. (well it’s not hard to have a favorite lesson when you have only read two chapters) ya your right, but it sounded good at the time ;-) ! Seriously though I full heartedly agree with Mr.Devos. I’m not sure why people can be so hard headed! Is saying I’m sorry that difficult to say when your wrong? Or are you just not saying it. I’m sorry is a very powerful phrase, especially when backed by sincerity. Saying I’m sorry lets people know hey I’m human I messed up and I’m sorry. When you say sorry to someone and mean it everything is good, whatever beef you just had was squashed. I’m sorry can save friendships, fights, arguments, time and most importantly relationships. Think of this, is their ever a time you can think of that saying I’m sorry could have saved a relationship weather it be husband and wife, boy and girl, between best friends, but instead now you dont talk and over what? Something as little as saying I’m sorry? I look back at the times and wonder what could of been different had I said I’m sorry in just a few situations? You never know what could have been different, but I do know one thing. I wish I had said I’m sorry because it’s the right thing to do.It’s our job to make this world a better place, lets start by simply saying “I’m sorry”


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