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Hello everyone,  Brandon checking in to talk about a few things that i have came across that i must share. When I open up the internet explorer window it takes me directly to my home. This is where i spend much of my time reading e-mails, wathcing videos, doing research etc. I call it my home beacause it is reffered to as homepage funny tho because it really is like your home on the internet. Usually it is set as the page that you will spend a lot of time at and this is very similar to your physical home. Ok well my home page is currently www.yahoo.com. I like yahoo because I can do a little bit of everything here. It shows me the local weather, and i am a big fan of the headline news articles it displays. They always display a nice picture to catch your eye. Its an easy way to catch up major things going on in this world. Usually after i am done checking the headlines i will go read my emails or jump right to facebook lol. Today was different, if your on yahoo take a look next time but there is box at the right of the headlines and it displays the words TRENDING NOW. Inside this box are the top then things that people are searching or that are moving up drastically in searches on the yahoo. Interesting right. Its kinda cool, lets you see what people are thinking about and the big things going through peoples minds, or not so much. So i start reading the list and sure enough its covered with celebs and…. celebs and umm Ford yea thats about it. I cant believe it i am thinking this must be wrong all people research on here is the lives of other people and what cars are coming out and what players will be on there favorite nfl team. I understand the major importance of these things and realize Japan will be fine, New Zealand is so three weeks ago, and the middle east must be playing games or something. Fallsseeee! these things I just listed should all be at the top of the list and  they are not. Just in case you dont have a chance to check it out or dont bother to let me break it down for your exactly what the list looks like. 1.Mila Kunis(actress,starring in new film called The “Black Swan”) 2. Lady Gaga(singer, my least favorite on the list and Lady Gaga is usually at number one) 3.Sucker Punch(movie about girl who escapes her dark reality in dream world) 4. Kate Winslet(i guess she gave advice on how to do a nude movie scene) 5. Ford(no explanation needed here)6. Sylvester Stallone(guess he has a fashion line now..interesting)7. Josh Duhamel(Duhamel denies Fergie having plastic surgery) 8. NFL draft 2011(i guess its coming up soon) 9. Ghadafi Plastic Surgery(not the war but the war between him and the wrinkles on his face) 10. Diabetes(the only actual useful topic trending now).

After seeing this it just made me think, i really cant beleive how much people just think about themselves and about personal status. I understand why it is this way because it is how everything is being SOLD in society. Everything you look at tells you what to do and how to act and how to dress and makes your worry about all these little things and leave you no time to deal with the big things going on in the world. I wish that these people influencing our society would just change a few things and then watch how much better this world could be. People get so caught up in the latest trends and we have people in this world that dont even know what a fashion trend is.

What i do know is that if we want to improve this world we can do it we just need to take a stand. Go out help someone do something for someone else. Next time you go to buy five new shirts by four instead and donate that other money to a good cause. Or buy something less expensive and use the money saved to help someone. Thats a few examples i just want to get the point across. There are many things that can be done and if everyone in this world would put a little more effort in towards others than it would change the world, and Through Our H.A.N.D.S We Will Change The World!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Again this is Brandon, now checking out!


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