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25 people killed by devastating storms…lets hope it stops there!

First off I would like to send my heart and prayers out to the families and friends of everyone who has been affected by these horrible storms. When I first woke up this morning I jumped on the internet (yahoo) to update myself on the storms that are going on and claiming peoples lives in arkansas, the carolinas, virginia, mississippi, oklahoma and georgia. These storms produced 62 tornadoes which is a record number in the last 2 decades, as well as floods and softball size hail. With some tornadoes reaching about 12 miles and causing hundreds of thousands to lose power as well a downed trees and damaged houses/businesses. This is another devastating natural disaster. As I read about these events the death toll is up to 25 and likely to raise after search and rescue teams are dispatched through the areas, and I just want to send my prayers to these people in need. Horrible events like this are never planned for and are never a fun thing to deal with. These people need our help and our prayers to get them through these tough times. All though these events are un-preventable and un-welcomed mother nature will take its course, and all we can do is pray that our friends, family, and our selves remain safe. So again I would just like to send out my heart and prayers to the victims of these vicious storms and let you know that your safety and families are in our hearts and prayers!


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