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Behind the Scenes: Making of the Unity Band


Helping All In Need Donation Services (HANDS) Unity Band’s are hand crafted by many greatly appreciated volunteers along with founders of the organization. “It is a great feeling to know that our friends and family are backing and helping out our organization. We couldn’t have made half as many bracelets without the teamwork we have all put behind it, We appreciate everyone that has contributed to and will contribute to our Unity Bands” said Anthony Paulino of Helping All In Need Donation Services. The Unity Band is much more then a 550 cord survival bracelet. The Unity Band is A bond between you and a loving soldier. Check out this Behind the Scenes: Making of the Unity Band video, Thanks again to all of the volunteers and everyone who has contributed to the Unity Bands. We appreciate all of our support! Coming soon, our eStore where you will be able to buy Merchandise, including Unity Bands, online. And as always, we will donate the proceeds to good causes, for all the good of humanity, by helping all in need.


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