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Dining to Donate: Applebee’s

Hey world changers. HANDS just had our first dining to donate at Applebees on Howe Rd (6/23/2011), and it was an amazing turnout. I would first like to extend my thanks to AppleBees and all our supporters who showed up. Without you changing this world would be impossible and this world needs us. After the event AppleBees manager approached us and said, “Its was one of the best dining to donate events we have ever had and you guys can come back anytime”.  This means you can be proud for being part of such an amazing event; with donations, sales, and 15% of everyone’s bill HANDS was able to raise over $800.00 to send care packages to our soldiers over seas and help their families back home.  The love and openness to helping our troops was really heart touching, and the atmosphere of the event couldn’t of been any better. Events like these show people that if we work together as a team we can get anything we want achieved and actually make a difference. Keep checking back with us for more world changing events, and don’t be scared to send us an email with your ideas on how we can make this world a better place.

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