RockEveryWear Apparrel & Arts

Philanthropic organizations RockEveryWear Apparrel & Art and Helping All In Need Donation Services (HANDS) have teamed up in order to raise money for the soldiers. When we approached Ryan Weiss - CEO of RockEveryWear -  he was super pumped to help out a good cause and it has been a pleasure working with such a fun, inspiring, positive person. “It’s more of a pleasure to meet people that want to donate. It really shows me what kind of character people really do have,” said Christopher Paulino, one of the founders of HANDS.

The Hands team is more then just a non profit organization raising money for a cause. We are a peaceful movement, a positive message and we are glad to have RockEveryWear apart of it. The support we have from our community businesses and peers has been nothing less then incredible and we would love to thank everyone!

Check out this video! #GearUpAkron


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