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Manifesting Your Thoughts into Reality.

You have to ask a question before it is answered; you subconsciously talk to yourself more then anyone else though any given day. With this in mind who answers the questions you ask? If one never asked questions how would they be answered?

Imaginative and open minds ask and answer their own questions everyday; for you are the only one who can answer them. By using imagination and an open mind, your questions of today will be answered tomorrow in the signs of reality and human interaction. With every thought and brain wave sent out to the universe, comes an answer in many unpredictable forms; as proved by the law of attraction. With laws like this present you have to understand there is an effect to your thoughts, so what are your effects to the cause of your thoughts? One must understand that without change in thought there can be no change in reality; for your thoughts build your reality of tomorrow.

Ones denial in self wrongs is a weakness that will spread like cancer, but with this understood one removes all the self barriers placed on ones self. To become self fulfilled we have to be able to self critique, which is impossible with denial present. The power of change, negative or positive are direct outcomes of your thoughts. For your thoughts are your perception of the reality around us, negative or positive. In order to have a positive reality you need purely positive thoughts. Can you find the silver lining in your clouds of reality?


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