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A New Hope Has Risen


The empire continues to crumble to the ground around us. Look, eyes wide open and watch – the rug is being pulled from under our feet, the tower that was clung too by so many for so long is tipping over, toppling towards the ground. Thunder reverberates through the heavens and as the ashes settle to the ground the luminous jewel of all we have created as one people will be there in the open, for all to see.

The veil is not gently being whisked away from us, the veil is being torn. The crutches that were once so convenient for us are rotting and now we must stand on our own two feet. We create our realities and together we create all reality. Together, as one, it shall be made manifest that no more do we violate the ground beneath our feet, no more do we ignore our waters. The blessed life force energy that courses through all creation is our birthright, our origin and our destiny.

For that destiny to manifest, all that blocks it must be removed.
Quickly we are developing into an intergalactic civilization, quickly we are evolving beyond physicality. Yes, we reside in the physical realms but we reside in all of the others as well. Our destiny as multidimensional creator gods and goddesses is unfolding before our eyes.

We are, at this moment, the first shoot of a sunflower seed, poking its head above the soil. We have lain dormant, gestating safely beneath the soil for so long, but now the light of the sun guides us. It is inescapable, it cannot be ignored. The divine light within guides us and moves us towards ever higher realms of awareness and being.
We are consciousness. We are experiencing ourselves. The world around us is in turmoil for certain, and yet we are learning and developing more than we ever have before.

We are existing in a state and time that contains more potential for evolution than anything that has ever been witnessed in this universe.

We are deciding the outcome of it all, right now, through our words, thoughts, actions and descisions. There is no thing that is set in stone, only free will and potential. Yet many have already made their choices and many more are making it now, and many more than that will in the future. We are choosing to ascend, to transform our world through our love and compassion, through our dedication to our fellow humans both on this planet and off. We are choosing to honor the ecosystems that we live within. We are choosing life, evolution and creation. And I salute you for it.

Thank you for everything you are doing. Keep on glowing. Hope.

**This post is a guest post from a friend of mine :)


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