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A world so cold, Peace and Love will unfold!

I look at the world through my eyes and wonder why its so cold?

Why the brain so bold on obtaining money and gold?

Why the “average” souls get sold for the rich to be happy and old.

Why we hate each other as we watch chaos unfold.

Is working all day really how your suppose to live or does something have to give?

Is it ok to control food and start a war over crude?

Is it ok to lie, cheat and steal while half the world cant afford a meal?

Is it ok to oppress the people so that only a few are in the sequel?

Is it ok to fight kill and rape to keep your paper straight?

Is it ok to confine our mind with lies of promise that are never really defined?

I think its time for peace, love, and change because doing the same thing will on leave the majority deranged.


-Anthony Paulino


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