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America and our Corporate Greed

A lot of things go through my mind in a given day. None more then what is going on in our government. With corruption and greed at an all time high, the 1% of the people who control 99% of the money are running our nation into the ground. With one example being our latest Fed Audit; anyone would be ignorant to ignore the facts found in this article. With things like this going on in our government, it shows the need for new leadership at ALL positions. As I have learned from the Army, poor leadership trickles down from the top, and unless there is a clean swipe of the government representatives that our corrupting our system. I believe we will not see a change.

As one of the global role models the United States has got to step up and take lead in this fight against corporate greed. The American people must stand up and let their voice be heard in order to bring this cancerous negativity to an end. With things like this going on in the United States government, it is effecting the rest of the world in a negative way, and this needs to change. By bringing truth to the surface and displaying a positive movement we will eventually force corruption to the hills and take back our freedoms; but As long as we keep letting these corporations control our money and our government we are slaves to them. As you see they are taking our houses and everything else we have worked our whole lives for with no remorse. Now your once owned beautiful house sits to rot with boards on the widows because you have no money. Why do you have no money though… haha oh ya, because the banks have it all. As the people we know this is wrong and we need to stand up for one another to gain our freedoms back.

In order for the United States to rise from our current recession we must understand the facts and take action towards what is right. With the current #occupy movements all over the world people are fighting for positive change, and I believe are taking the necessary steps to fixing the problems on our home front. Through the voice of the people and the right of our freedoms, we will take our country back with peace and unity. This is a promise corporate Greed!


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