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Brookelynn Photography Supports Hands Team

As stated in our prior blog, Vanessa Carter Inspires the HANDS Team, we get to meet new cool people everyday. Brookelynn Harrison of Brookelynn Photography is another one of these cool world changers.

With a soft heart and through genuinely wanting to help people, the HANDS Team met Brookelynn through a good friend and hip-hop artist, Nowly. Being a mastermind behind the camera, Brookelynn wanted to help the HANDS organization bring their pictures to the next level. Volunteering and fitting time into her busy schedule, Brookelynn came over and set up a professional photo shoot for the Unity Bands. Wasting no time after the photo shoot was complete, Brookelynn gave HANDS the final edited copies the very next day! (Talk about quick, quality service)

This being another prime example of how powerful people helping people really can be. Just by taking a hour out of her busy schedule, Brookelynn was able to take our pictures to a new level. Using her skills in artistic photography and editing Brookelynn was able to do her part in aiding the HANDS Team to victory.

Rasta Band

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Too many people focus on changing the things people do wrong, instead of using positive reinforcement for what one does right. HANDS believes in focusing on building ones strengths more than bashing their weakness’s. If we can learn to work together while accentuating each others strengths then you will be amazed at the results. The HANDS Team wanted to thank Brookelynn for bringing her strengths and work to the HANDS Team. Without positive people and world changers like yourself, our world would be a scary place. In order to give credit where it is due, this post is dedicated to you Brookelynn, keep up the good work. :)


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