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Build Up Cleveland

After reading a blog on how Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson wants to build up the city of Cleavland, I am all for it. With the water front right next to the Cleveland Browns stadium there is a lot of potential for a shopping/nightlife and hotel area. With the city of Cleveland steadily in a decline, I think this could be a project that would help put Cleveland on a come up. By putting hotels, bars, shopping centers, and more entertainment in the area it will bring more jobs and money. With the love the people of Cleveland have for their city this would be a great come up. I feel with the newest laws passed for casino’s in Ohio and with the potential development around the crazy and die hard Cleavland browns stadium, we could become a new age Vegas (obviously aren’t there yet) and bring much needed revenue to a great city. If you are reading this short blog and you are from Cleveland, lets do what we can in order to bring this idea to a reality (if you think it is beneficial). With everyone behind this idea it will come true quicker, and this may be a big problem solver for the unemployment in Cleveland. Good job Mayor keep the good ideas coming, and lets turn the city around!

To reference the blog I read on this click here.


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