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The Human Up-link : Part 1

The Human nervous system is, in essence, an electrical system. The nerves are of biological nature, of course, but the energy that actualizes the purpose of the nerves is electrical in nature. We are the symbiosis of electrical, biological and magnetic forces.

With this in mind, know that electricity can flow only as well as the conductor from which it flows through allows - and in the case of the human body, the conductive capabilities vary greatly, oftentimes depending on personal choices that the user of the Biological system makes. The biological system is constantly assaulted by toxic fumes in the air, toxic substances in food and water, disruptive electrical currents and everyday stresses that are a byproduct of the modern day of life.

This message is not one of gloom and doom, however. The biological system and the energetic charge it carries is capable of extraordinary feats. The body is an up-link into a universe of infinite potentiality which is in of itself intelligent - so an intelligent system (as you, yourself would probably claim to be an intelligent being) interfaces with another intelligent system in order to create the interplay which we all view as life. The way that the byproduct of this system manifests is almost entirely due to the input sent out by the body, or the self.

That being said, the ability of the human being who is doing the interaction (all of us) to send out signals and impulses into the universe hinges on a few primary fronts - our physical integrity (strength, flexibility, endurance, vitality, energy), our emotional well being, our ability to interact with other beings, our ability to sense the universe surrounding us, our desire to manifest new and exciting things for ourselves and others, our desire to be of service to others, et cetera. These are by no means all of the possible points of interaction - hey, if they don’t feel right to you then they are not any of the points of interaction.

The individual who is experiencing the reality around them (as we all are) is the one who chooses where and what their up-links with the external are. There are so many choices and what choices we make paired with how we feel about those choices determine how they interact with the world around us. Everything is a choice. It has been said many times that we are not ourselves, we are infinity experiencing itself. While this is true, we are infinity subdivided into subjective points of view (the self, the soul) and we have within ourselves the ability to make free will choices.

Those free will choices effect ourselves completely and totally and can range from the emotions we feel (which are choices) to the thoughts we think (even the ones we don’t realize we are thinking) to the actions we take (even the ones we don’t realize we are doing such as body language). Ultimately, we must become conscious of ourselves and our actions, our feelings and our thoughts, our energy and our demeanor. Through this we can learn what impedes on us, what blesses us and the varying ways that we access reality.

As we change and morph into a healthier mind/body/spirit system, the world outside of us changes. It may be safe to say that as we purify our internal worlds, the external world around us will purify itself as well. Famine, war, disease and totalitarian control will disappear. Indeed, I feel that the totalitarian control is a byproduct of our inability to govern ourselves and make our own choices. It is not that someone else has stepped in and infringed upon us, it is that we have retreated into our shells and addictions and decided that someone else can take the reins and it will all be good.

Luckily, that is changing, both within myself, within others and within the way reality is playing out at large. Thank you, everyone, for taking your evolution into your own hands and growing. You are doing the greatest service that could ever be done, both for yourself and the universe.

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series that is written by a good friend of mine by the name of Noiyeh Faith. He is a good man with a great mind, stay tuned for the rest of this series as it unfolds.


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