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The Human Up-Link Part Two

If you haven’t yet read part one of this series, you can read it here.

So, we have one end of the spectrum of infinity - which is infinity. On the other end of the spectrum it gets mildly confusing to me and I can’t quite comprehend what the opposite of infinity could be so Ill just go out on a limb and say that on the other end of the spectrum we have stagnation, inability to act and integrate outside input/messages from the universe, culminating in death (the great recycling). Yes, the cosmos is green.

Mayhaps it would be good to say that the opposite of infinity is the inability to take in input and suggestion and energy from infinity and integrate it into the self. The opposite of infinity is the refusal of infinity.

The natural propensity of any living being is to continue to live, flourish and grow. The nature of intelligent infinity is to guide the beings that are linked into it towards further growth, self discovery and understanding. It is constantly providing messages, opportunities and synchronicities in order to guide the soul along.

Life is quite a bit like an RPG - I remember reading an article on the Internet rating real life like it was an MMO game (MMO’s are games like World of Warcraft, Everquest and all that nonsense) - it made quite a few good points.

For some reason, some people (myself included) really dig playing such games, leveling up, allocating skill points and making the character more powerful. That’s all fine and dandy, but it is sort of amusing that we do things like that in lieu of actively upgrading the physical/emotional and spiritual being. The reason for this, is, I believe, because to realize skills in the real world, one must spend a lot of time and energy - and feel a bit of discomfort. Moving past old limitations is never the most enjoyable of tasks, unless you train yourself to enjoy it. Learning and growing can be very uncomfortable because it causes one to stare directly in the face their limitations and lack. The staring, though, causes growth and transmutes the lack into knowledge.

Right now you are where you are, I am where I am. We have a choice before us. Evolution or De-Evolution. On the plus side, evolution is a never ending spiral that yields all sorts of rewards and, from what I can tell, goes on forever. In most games, you can level your characters all you want but then you beat the game and all of your effort was for naught (unless the game had a good storyline) because once its over, none of it carries into anything else. Life goes on forever. We die and then something new happens. What that could be is a great mystery to me - I tend to favor reincarnation. Everything that we have already learned spills into everything we will learn - and just as it is said that learning languages leads to an increased ability to learn new languages, learning one thing leads to a greater ease in learning other things. The more seeds you plant and plants you tend to, the easier it becomes to tend to new seeds and new plants.

The process of evolution does not slow down, either. Never. The kicker is breaking past the stasis and entropy that had held one in place for so long. This is no small feat… Until one decides that as a matter of fact, it is a small feat. Thus is the nature of inertia. Once one realizes its a small feat and continues to nurture the seeds of new growth planted in the garden of the soul, those seeds will grow and give way to even newer, more beneficial and more exciting seeds. Eventually, all of the weeds and toxic plants will be gone, for they cannot survive in a garden filled with positive and life nurturing plants.

On a personal note, I’m still in that process - they say that the goal of life is to create yourself the way you really want to be. Im doing it, step by step - but there is still entropy. The fact that I am writing this is a good sign, though. Personally, I love to write and learn, but there are some things that (as of right now) it seems like I just can not do.I held myself back from writing in the past. Now, of course, the real me knows this is a facade thrown in front of me by the fake me that likes to sabotage my self discovery and growth efforts. In a way, self defeating attitudes are a form of schizophrenia. A really annoying form. They are neurotic.

Luckily, growth happens and it happens naturally. Onward and upward!


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