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Unity Bands Gone International

Leah Whitton

Chris Paulino here everyone, and I just wanted to take a minute out of my day to give a very special shout out to a new Unity Band supporter, @LeahWhitton. With all of our twitter promotion, the #HandsTeam and the #UnityBands have reached another part of the world; taking our movement over seas. Being located in England, Leah is the first international world changer, and this is an epic day for the HANDS Team.

With our positive movement staring to spread outside of the United States the HANDS Team is making everyday efforts to spread the awareness. With the help of our amazing supporters and our positive movement with Unity Bands, the HANDS Team is starting to make a global impact. As the HANDS Team continues to bring positive influence to our world I just wanted to take a quick second to shine some light on our international world change Leah Whitton.

Without the continued support from people like Leah the HANDS Team movement would become stagnant. However because of our supporters our movement is taking on a new and bigger identity. With this short blog Leah I just wanted to commend you for being our first international world changer, and I thank you for becoming part of our positive movement. Keep being a positive influence and trend setter in your Country and please continue to help us change the world by getting a Unity Band on #EveryWrist.


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