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Diana Cooper Thank You Letter

This is a very touching letter that was wrote to us by a Unity Band supporter. With her family having a son/brother that has been deployed over seas, she knows all the hardships that are faced in a military family. Please read the letter to show support to our soldiers over seas and to recognize those families who sacrifice everyday:

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to tell all of you that the unity band is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time! Its original and brilliant!! One of my co-worker/friends has a unity band and when she told me what all of it meant I instantly fell in love with it! I have a brother who is in the Army. He is currently serving overseas in Afghanistan. When he first joined the military he was Airborne Infantry, so when I heard you were using actual paracord I thought that was just so awesome! My brother is now in the Ohio National guard because he was wanting to get a college degree but he only got one semester of school done at Akron U when he got his orders to be shipped overseas! This will be his 4th tour (once in South Korea, twice in Iraq and now Afghanistan). Like I said I just love this idea. I plan on buying 7 of them so that my siblings and parents can have one! And I’m also going to get one for my brother and I know he will love it! So I just want to say thanks coming from a military family member! I think what you guys are doing is amazing and keep up the great work and you will make a big change in this world!!

With Thanks,

Diana Cooper


I just wanted to post this letter to say thank you Diana, thank you for being such a strong family member and great support for your brother. I’m sure you how much it means to us soldiers to have such strong support back home. Thank you for everything you do and for helping us make a difference in this world.


Cordially yours,




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