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Fight Against Colon Cancer

Once again, the HANDS Team is back at it, helping those in need everyday in every single way. This time around we are helping a needy family whose strife is caused by Colon Cancer. We met BJ Elliot and the Goodin Family while we were stationed at the Market Place at Chapel Hill Mall over the 2011 holiday season raising money for deployed soldiers overseas. When the HANDS Team learned about BJ’s condition, we quickly decided to devote some of our time at the mall to BJ and his family to help pay off some of the outrageous bills that come with being a cancer patient so they could have a happier holidays. As Christmas approached and the mall got busier we were able to raise an outstanding $1000 to give BJ Elliot. So on Christmas Eve, the HANDS Team assembled to give the best gift ever; the gift of unconditional love and kindness. The below video is our digital memoir in the fight against Colon Cancer.



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