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Keep Dreaming

Today’s society is a ceiling. We allow bosses and CEOs to tell us what we are worth and we settle for just that.  But, why? Why are McDonalds workers only worth minimum wage? In my eyes every human on this planet is my superior in at least one way. There is no way that we as beings with a thought process can actually think we are better then everyone in every aspect. That guy that can’t beat you in sports could write the worlds most beautiful song, or do a painting that rivals the Mona Lisa. The possibilities are endless! We really can do anything we set are mind to, so why do we set are mind on a monetary worth? Why are we only as good as our financial statement? It’s actually really sad to me that today’s society is set up that way. What happen to just living life and enjoying others company? What happen to loving and caring for one another? Jobs are the worst thing ever, who do these corporations think they are telling us we are only worth a certain wage while the owners are golfing in Australia.

I guessI just wish that people started dreaming again. I wish more people started reaching for the stars instead of being held down on the ground. Realizing that we are all special no matter what you get paid. That you can do anything you set your  mind to. That no one but yourself can keep you down. We all have thee power to be something great! Stop letting society get in the way of your dreams because you only live once. Do you want to live in regret? I don’t.


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