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Mogadore High School Sends Care Packages Over Seas

Mogadore Wildacats Changing The World

The Hands Team was invited to Mogadore High School in order to raise money and awareness with our Unity Bands. Raising over $800 in 3 days for care packages to send over seas to our troops, the students at Mogadore were ready to support our soldiers. What an amazing and tight knit school. From the moment we walked into the doors we were welcome by some wonderful secretaries and some awesome teachers, not to mention all of the great students we met. I have to give it to the Mogadore School system because they have a great looking school and it makes me happy to see kids learning in a good atmosphere. All of the kids were very responsive to helping those in need and I think that is an amazing trait to instill in our youth. I thank you Mogadore for being an upstanding school and promoting our youth to be great. With more schools like Mogadore our youth will be sure to become successful and help better our nation. So I write this short blog to thank everyone who touched our lives and the lives of our soldiers from the township of Mogadore. You guys are helping us change the world for the better and we couldn’t do it without you, so keep up the good work and keep being that positive influence our nation needs.


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