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How the Unity Bands Were Born

Some Unity Bands To Support Our Soldiers

Many of the Hands Team supporters wonder where the Unity Bands originated from and are shocked when we tell them the roots. For everyone who does not know the idea behind the Unity Band, I dedicate this blog to you.

The parachute cord bracelet, also known as a paracord bracelet or a 550 cord bracelet is a survival band used in the military by troops and airborne soldiers. Starting as paracord bracelets airborne soldiers would wear on their wrist in order to tie up their parachute after landing. These parachute cord bands quickly turned into a nice field expedient as a survival bracelet for our infantry and military soldiers. As soldiers started to see the benefits of wearing such a strong rope (550 lb test) around their wrist they became a quick trend throughout the military, and that is how I received my first paracord bracelet.

After a mandatory 3 weeks training with the Ohio Army National Guard; my battle buddy Stephen Sharp, made me my first parachute cord band. Securing it with a button from his military uniform instead of a Red Button that is used on our Unity Bands, I started to get a lot of attention while wearing it. With everyone asking me how to get one, the HANDS Team decided to give the people what they want while helping people in need. Not knowing what we were going to make, the HANDS Team knew they needed one pinnacle piece that would let people know that it was in fact a Unity Band. After a long brain waving session the HANDS Team came up with the concept of the Red Button, in order to remember all those who have sacrificed for one of the many causes our Unity Bands support. The first and original Unity Band was the Soldier Support band with the card and meaning was where the idea started and since the HANDS Team now have Unity Bands with many different meanings and support many different causes with the hottest charity item in history.

Using Unity Bands, the HANDS Team has been able to fund raise for many different causes. To name a few our organization was able to donate $1406.00 to the Norris Family, who’s Father/Husband was affected by melanoma skin cancer and lost his life in the fight. Another man named B.j Elliot is battling colon cancer, and the team was able to raise him $1000.00 in his time of need. We have also coordinated with the USO of North Canton and have sent hundreds of care packages amounting to thousands of dollars in products for care packages to send to our deployed soldiers overseas (To See All Of Our Projects Click Here). With continuing efforts to be a positive influence in the community, the HANDS Team will continue to help those in need using Unity Bands to change the lives of our troops, cancer patients, animals, and anyone who needs help. The HANDS Team plans to get a Unity Band on every wrist in the world in order to help those in need on a mass scale and with the help of our supporters and our Unity Bands, we will change the lives of millions while keeping you stylish for the season.

Now that you know how our survival bands aka parachute cord bracelets aka Unity Bands started, please spread the word and help the HANDS Team get a Unity Band on every wrist in the world in order to change the lives of millions in need. With over 40 different customizable colors you can get a Unity Band for every outfit in the wardrobe, while changing the lives of those in need. Please join the positive movement and do your part to make a difference in our world. :)

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