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The Avengers movie was so epic, here is our tribue.

Not knowing what to expect from a Super Hero movie (Let’s be honest their are only a few good ones) the HANDS Team piled into the car to check out the new Avengers movie. Discussing on the way to the theater how we hoped they did the avengers justice, and let us tell you we were blown away.

Tony Stark aka Ironman (Robert Downey Jr) not only kept you laughing, but when serious things needed to get done he was one of the first ones to help. Robert Banner aka The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) was the backbone and most necessary part in the last battle in our opinion and the scene where Hulk punched Thor for no apparent reason was priceless! Thor (Chris Hemsworth) with his impressive hammer and demigod power was very impressive. The fight scene with Ironman and Captain America, epic and not to mention his barrage of lightning bolts. Thor FTW. Speaking of Captain America aka Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) though he might not of been the brightest crayon in the box with his low IQ and old age, but when it came to commanding the battle field no one is better. Also with his awesome hand to hand skills, Chitauri soldiers didn’t stand a chance. Black Widows silent assassin attitude and her clever mind tricks made her a serious security problem. She completely mind raped Loki in order to obtain his plan, Genius! Hawkeye was at first a little irritating, but later warmed up when he was nailing flying Chitauri soldiers with no look arrow shots! Touché Hawkeye, Touché. The best part about everything though is how they all work together as a team in order to bring a positive change to the world.

In a crazy way the Avengers are not much different from the HANDS Team, which is why we gave them their own Unity Band tributes! We figured some real world changers like the Avengers deserve to have their own Unity Band section, with all proceeds go to charity and helping others in need! The exact thing The Avengers would do. So get your Avengers Unity Bands and help us make a difference!

1. The Hulk

2. Captain America

3.Iron Man


5.Black Widow


7.Entire Set


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