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Retirement at age 85 instead of 65?

I overheard the other day while I was walking past the posionvision, that some millionaire was endorsing raising the retirement age to 85 instead of 65, and wow my jaw dropped. I already think that being trapped in a job for 40+ years is long enough to ask of a human, and to want to take another 20 years of what is suppose to be “life” is absurd to me. In my eyes I believe that life is way more then sitting in a cubicle, or on a job site for the youngest years of your life, and to add more years is insane. I believe that people should be able to have true freedom, and do what they want in their life. I understand that people may believe that they “love their job” but I firmly believe that anyone on the earth would choose their freedom over a job any day of the week (if they could sustain their same lifestyle without having to work a job).

I believe that people should be able to travel and see the world. I believe that you shouldn’t have to be worried about being 5, 10, or even 30 minutes late for work, because you needed to sleep in. I feel that it is your life and I feel you have that right. I believe that people have been so caught up with money and material things that they forget about the small things in life like time and freedom. I don’t want to be one of those people who work their whole life and miss out on the finer things. I don’t want to be 80+ years old and all the memories I can call back on are working a job, filing cabinets, and how I got yelled at for being 3 min late from a break once. I want to fill my brain with fun memories of good times with my friends and those I love. Memories of exciting celebrations and enjoyment for the little things in life, and I believe that everyone deserves this. Without these little things in life we would go crazy, and I feel like people now-a-days are putting more emphasis on work and consumerism then they are on life and living.

With the way technology is going we could already replace over 90% of jobs with a machine. My thoughts on this are lets do it and make the retirement age 20 years younger instead of 20 years older. I believe that in our nation, and across the world, with the right leadership, there are enough resources to provide every person on this planet with what they need to live. What if we all lived in world peace and our daily essentials were provided for us by the government. Instead of corruption and using our government for personal profitability it would make sure that our people were taken care of and people could actually live life. With our jobs taken over by machines, the everyday citizen could then apply their brain power to UN-ansewred questions and how to better the human race. With everyone’s everyday essentials provided by a government that was actually for the people, murder, crime and death rates would drastically drop because their would be no need for it due to the fact that the people have what they need to survive. With every citizen and human able to focus their brain power on UN-answered problems like cancer, aids, and maybe even time travel. We would be more likely to figure out and solving these mysteries. Problems that could never be solved, would now be solved in no time and evolution would drastically increase. With a new look on life the perception would change to enjoy love and unity instead of money and greed, and world peace would start to look more plausible.

These are my beliefs, and some of the reasons behind my journey in the #HandsTeam and I am doing everything in my power to make my beliefs come true, not only for myself, but for the betterment of our society and people. I believe that by following my dreams and spreading my thoughts that eventually my thoughts will affirm into reality, and world peace will become a reality instead of a dream. With our everyday movement growing bigger, I want to thank everyone who wears a #UnityBand, and represents #HandsTeam because we are making changes in this world that will go down in history!


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