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Fun things to do this summer

All of us made lists of important things, tasks, and assignments for a long time. Now it’s time for the coolest list in the year – summer! After all, each of us wants this summer to be unforgettable, rich, bright, cheerful. And this list will help make warm days special!

  1. Have a picnic
  2. Summer is an ideal time for hanging out in nature, especially for picnics. Invite friends, take a few blankets, food and drinks, don’t forget the music, and go to a cozy place. Of course, it is better to cook something in nature. Grilled vegetables, baked potatoes – all these are simply necessary dishes in summer.

  3. Go camping
  4. Whether to go to the mountains for a few days or arrange a rest with tents in the forest near the lake – the choice is yours. But there is no more romantic holiday than a summer hike. Isn’t it perfect to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, live in an environment of untouched nature, and fall asleep to the sound of fireflies?

  5. Arrange a photo session
  6. On the beach, in the park, in the city center – no matter where, the main thing is a well-groomed appearance and a desire to pose. It will be great if you invite a professional photographer, but you shouldn’t refuse the services of a friend or soulmate either.

  7. Plan a walk through the city at night
  8. Enjoy the contemplation of the illumination of buildings, feel a slight shudder at the sight of the night cathedrals and the warmth of the asphalt heated during the day. After all, the night definitely inspires.

  9. Try some exotic fruit that you never had before
  10. It can be passion fruits, papayas, kumquats, lychees, carambolas or mangosteens. The more extravagant the name, the better!

  11. Visit the cinema under the open sky
  12. Such a trip to the cinema is a good option for a date. Especially if you go to the cinema in the open air: in the car, you can kiss as much as you want and don’t be afraid to embarrass the neighbors.

  13. Play shooters with water guns
  14. Yes, yes, this is not only for small children. If it is hot outside, everyone will like such an activity. And if it doesn’t seem like fun to you, just try it and you will definitely change your mind.

  15. Visit a music festival or an outdoor concert
  16. There is live music and a feeling of complete freedom. This is one of the most enjoyable summer affairs, which you will remember all year.

  17. Arrange a festive breakfast
  18. Festive dinners are often organized, but breakfasts are not. You can make it for yourself and family or invite friends. Do everything in the best traditions: good Turkish coffee, croissants, jam and fruits, toast and various additions to it.

  19. Dinner by candlelight.
  20. You can organize it for your family, friends or a significant other. Arrange a dinner table in the courtyard of the house, decorate everything with garlands and candles, cook something on the grill and turn on lounge music. The fact that such a dinner is right outside the house allows everyone to dress up in summer but beautiful outfits. This kind of recreation will appeal to party lovers.


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