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Tips for creating a lifestyle

A huge number of blogs about everything contribute to the erroneous fact that lifestyle bloggers don’t care about anything. But if you have chosen the lifestyle direction for yourself, then, most likely, you will quickly realize that it will take a long time to succeed. We have compiled a guide to promoting profiles on Instagram with specific ideas for anyone blogging on the lifestyle topic.

Instagram accounts in the lifestyle niche can be divided into two main categories: “connoisseurs of beauty” and “ukrainian single women lifestyle” immersed in a profession or activity. The first are focused on finding unusual locations, photographs of breakfasts and so on, the second are more eager to fill their profile with meaning. Both those and others have their fans who come every day for inspiration, beauty, aesthetics and see how people live outside a certain social environment. A lifestyle blogger profile looks like a mix of fashion, travel, parties, food, sports, children, work. Here are a few topics that you can endlessly exploit getting thousands of followers and messages.

  • Daily posts. “Good morning” with coffee and breakfast.
  • Activity. You can tell what you visited, and you can make announcements of interesting events.
  • Healthy lifestyle. Even the most intelligent bloggers post photos from the gym. If you are an adept of yoga – then show your asanas, like to swim – then take a photo of your swims, ride a bike – then tell your followers about the routes.
  • Interesting locations. A new cafe, original shop, old yard-well – all this is a reason for posting photos.
  • Travel. There is no end for inspiration. Show not only the views, but also the life of a traveler: breakfast at the hotel, the things you take in trips, and so on.
  • Work, activity. Share plans and achievements if you have something to tell about your business.
  • Relationships. Satisfy subscribers’ curiosity, show who you are dating.

Text blogs

This is one of the most popular blogs on Instagram. But there is good news: the most popular bloggers in this segment write in the lifestyle category. A valuable skill that will bring you success and an inexhaustible source of topics is to describe the joys of everyday life with taste. Identify for yourself several categories of the blog, based on your interests: children, interior, events, inspiration, fashion, DIY, travel, beauty, music, literature, food, people. Having identified the main sections of the blog, it is much easier to fill them. Sample topics:

  • Lists: “7 places to visit”, “9 dishes to prepare for breakfast”;
  • Stories and interviews of interesting people in your topic;
  • Lifehacks on decoration, travel: “Where to find cheap tickets”, “How to upgrade the interior with minimal cost”;
  • Recommendations like “How to do everything in time”;
  • Self-development: “Eastern practices”, “Searching for goals”;
  • Recipes and food culture.
  • Books: reviews of books you read or photos of those books that are just going to read.

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