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Help Us, Help the Stafford Family


HANDS Team members Christopher and Anthony Paulino’s Aunt came to the HANDS team asking for help for her family member, Franky Stafford. Franky was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in early December. Unfortunately, Franky and his family found out about his condition far too late for doctors to make any impact on his health. Franky passed away on January 9th, 2013 - leaving behind his wife and 4 young children. HANDS Team is currently running a fund raising program with our Unity Shop.

From January 9th, 2013 till February 9th, 2013, 100% off all the proceeds from orders on our Unity Shop will go directly to helping the Stafford Family in their time of need.

We have come up with a special Memorial Unity Band specifically designed in memory of Franky Stanford. To support the stafford family, head over to our Unity Shop and buy one of these Franky Stafford Memorial Unity Bands, or any other Unity Band that fancies your eye, and help the HANDS team help the Stafford Family.


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