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501c3 Nonprofit Organization

What Makes A Charitable Organization?

What Is A 501(c)3?

Helping All In Need Donation Services or HANDS is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization, but what does that even mean? The 501(c)3 identifier refers to the section of the US Internal Revenue Code that allows for people who donate to write their donation off on their taxes. This section specifically governs organizations that are considered to be

  • Public Charities
  • Private Foundations
  • Private Operating Foundations

Want to Verify Our 501(c)3 Status?

  • Charity Navigator
  • IRS.gov

What Makes An Organization 501(c)3 Qualified?

501c3 Organizations must be organized and operated exclusively for the exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)3, and none of the organizations earnings may inure to any private shareholder/individual.

501(c)3 organizations may NOT be an action organization, meaning that no 501(c)3 organization may attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities or participate in any campaign activity for/against political candidates.

These charitable organizations are also forbidden to operate for the benefit of private interests and no part of the 501(c)3 organizations net earnings may be used to benefit any private shareholder or individual. 501(c)3 organizations are also restricted in how much political activities that it conducts. Click this link to learn more about political and lobbying activities.

Starting A 501(c)3 Organization?

We encourage as many people looking to change the world as possible, so If you’re looking to start your own non profit organization here are a couple great places to start.

  • IRS 501(c)3 Requirements
  • Non Profit Application Process

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