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Helping All in Need Donation Service, or HANDS for short, was founded on 12-16-2010 by four close knit childhood friends. With our strong philanthropic mindset, the founders of HANDS wanted to make an everlasting positive influence on today’s society and youth. We are firm believers that you have to lead by example, so in order for us to ask others to help, we have to be helping the needy first. This is where the idea for our Non-Profit Organization (HANDS) came about.

The founders of HANDS encourage everyone to help those who are less fortunate by lending a hand. In order to change the world for the better, HANDS is doing our part to reach out and touch the lives of thousands in need. Our goal at HANDS is to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars that will provide the needy with everyday goods that will benefit their well being.

From giving everyday nutrition packs to the homeless, donating dog food to animal shelters, as well as providing goods for soldiers over seas and their families back home; HANDS has no limit on the people we will help. As long as you are in need, the hearts at HANDS are ready to serve. No hand is too small and no project is too large for our HANDS to reach.

We are encouraged to help fix the world, one community, one city, one state, one country, and one wrist at a time. Until this world is extinct of the needy and unfortunate, HANDS has made a pact to help, encourage, feed, and serve those who need it the most. In order to make a positive change in this world we have to work as a team, and as a team we will become a huge positive movement.


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