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Q: Where can I e-mail my pictures of us wearing our Unity Bands?

A: If you want to e-mail us your pictures of you in your Unity Bands, and become part of our movement. Just shoot an email with your pictures attached to [email protected] and we will get them up as soon as possible.

Q: How can 100% of your proceeds go directly to helping those in need?

A: Watch the video below:

Q: When were you incorporated as a non profit organization?

A: Helping All in Need Donation Services was incorporated as a not for profit organization on 12-16-2010 in Akron, OH.

Q: How can I be involved and change the world?

A: Contact any Hands Team member or the founders (Located on the contact us page) in order to get more information about our organization.

Q: How much of my Unity Band donation goes toward the cause?

A: 1$ is taken out of every Unity Band donation in order to pay for the materials, 100% of the proceeds after the dollar are then spent on goods to provide for those in need.

Q: How do I custom fit my own Unity Band?

A: Watch the video below:

Q: I ordered my Unity Bands and haven’t received the yet. What happened to my Unity Bands?

A: Watch the video below:

Any further questions? Please use our contact page.