Helping All In Need Donation Services is a philanthropic organization crafted to change lives with helping HANDS. With our love for humanity we create programs for joining HANDS to reach out and help others. No life is ever too small, and no project is ever too large for our HANDS to grasp.


The HANDS Team is a forever growing movement with forever growing missions. With a multiplying number of supporters and the addition of the Unity Band, the HANDS Team has added a new mission and goal. The HANDS Team will get a Unity Band on every wrist in America in order to spread positive influence. HANDS knows that when this goal is met we will be directly changing the lives of millions in need. HANDS will keep doing what is right in order to impact the needy. With the help of our supporters and the Unity Band we will change the lives of millions in need and be the positive influence our world lacks.

Become the Movement and Help Get a Unity Band on Every Wrist in America


“Through Our H.A.N.D.S We Will Change the World”