Right now I am currently reading Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People by Rich DeVos and the first chapter its about being able to say “you know what I am wrong and I’m sorry”. I could  of very well been the poster child for exactly how not to say I was wrong. Can you think of a time in which you lost a good friend over the most ridiculous argument, but the worst part about it is you know you were wrong. When I look back I can surely say yes to this question. Now I don’t know what it was back then but I guess my pride wouldn’t let me admit I was wrong? Thats ridiculous and my views were very much skewed in the wrong mindset. I look back and realize that the “pride” theory just proves how ignorant I really was. If only I would of been a big enough human being to  say I was wrong maybe I would have more good friends. Maybe I could of avoided some confrontations, or maybe I could of just had a happier life. I think only if I would of picked this book up years ago how many more lives I could of touched. Saying I’m wrong doesn’t make you weak or cowardice but in fact makes you quite the opposite. When your confronted by someone who is big enough to admit his wrongs and apologize they gave a certain swag about them. Not only does it make you a bigger person but I feel like it takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders. When your not thinking about all the friends you have lost, the arguments you gave had, the wasted time and energy you used and the pointless discussions you wasted it gives you a better quality of life. When instead of saying I’m right and arguing, why not say I’m wrong and move on. Lets forgive and forget people its wrong not to.

Here’s just a fun video I liked enjoy!

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