” Anyone who becomes an effective leader and wins the respect and admiration of many followers knows that he or she needs them” states Rich Devos in Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive people. That statement when I read it was deja vu. We are all made up of the same needs, and being appreciated is one of those needs! When you tell someone you need them your not only making them feel special but also lifting that person to new heights. You see it happen every single day. When the lakers need Kobe Bryant to hit a game winner what do you think Phil Jackson tells him? My guess would be along the lines of “Kobe this is your shot….. We need you”! Probably not the same words, and might not win an academy award for best speech but you get the point :) lets be uplifting to everyone we love, let them know we need them in our life! Maybe that will be the speech they need……

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