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25 people killed by devastating storms…lets hope it stops there!

First off I would like to send my heart and prayers out to the families and friends of everyone who has been affected by these horrible storms. When I first woke up this morning I jumped on the internet (yahoo) to update myself on the storms that are going on and claiming peoples lives in arkansas, the carolinas, virginia, mississippi, oklahoma and georgia. These

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Helping those in need.

Charity, volunteer hours, helping out at your local goodwill or salvation army. There are so many organizations and charities to give your time to… Why don’t more people do it? Personally giving back to those in need has given me the greatest feelings one can have. ( or atleast thats how i feel). Feeding the hungry around my community as well as helping the

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Lil wayne, Jay Z, Kanye West and Raps Influences

Lil wayne, jay z, kanye west, all of these artist are huge influences on todays society. Why though? Their music promotes nothing but violence, sex, drugs, alcohol, they degrade women and the list goes on. Yet every kid no matter the age can repeat their favorite lil wayne songs word for word, yet no body sees this as a problem? Positive influences are becoming

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Thanks for your service

As I sit here in my humvee and watch all of my soldiers doing their duties, it makes me think. Countless military veterans are sitting under a bridge in the freezing cold. No blankets, no pillows, no food, etc. How can our government let this happen? Why are the men who put their life on the line for our way of life kicked to

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Step up and be a man

Why are so many of our youth raised by single mothers? It’s sad to say but our men are dropping the ball…Since when did it become ok to have a child and forget about it? The answer is never! Men lets start being role models to our kids. We go out and have multiple babies mamas and just leave our kids with out a

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