Money is a powerful thing……

I’m back ladies and gentleman with some more food for thought. Have you noticed in todays society how corrupt everything is? And for what? You have all of these movies, artist, music, media, etc pretty much guiding us into the mindset that money is everything but is it. Everyday in the world you could find someone that was killed in some kind of situation

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Just a little but o training :)


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If its not raining were not training

Hello everyone as I’m sitting here in a tent trying to stay dry and warm I figured I would give you guys something to read . So what its it I can talk about today? How about being a leader……. What really angers me is when someone wants to try and throw around power because of their position? That does not make you a

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I need you…….

” Anyone who becomes an effective leader and wins the respect and admiration of many followers knows that he or she needs them” states Rich Devos in Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive people. That statement when I read it was deja vu. We are all made up of the same needs, and being appreciated is one of those needs! When you tell someone you

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My thoughts on best friends

Hello the one and thanks for joining me again. You know just the other day I spent 400$ to go see my best friend graduate basic training as an airman, flew out to texas for 1 day just to fly back after only seeing him for hours……. Most people might call me crazy….. But why? Basic training is one of the most important events

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Me and anthony

First time I seen ant in 3 months! Tweet

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Can you admit your wrong?

Right now I am currently reading Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People by Rich DeVos and the first chapter its about being able to say “you know what I am wrong and I’m sorry”. I could  of very well been the poster child for exactly how not to say I was wrong. Can you think of a time in which you lost a good

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Hey everybody just landed in detroit on the way to san antonio to see my best friend graduate basic! Just dropped by to say hello! Have a blessed day and ill keep you up to date on my trip! Tweet

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Step up and be a man

Why are so many of our youth raised by single mothers? It’s sad to say but our men are dropping the ball…Since when did it become ok to have a child and forget about it? The answer is never! Men lets start being role models to our kids. We go out and have multiple babies mamas and just leave our kids with out a

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