Helping All In Need Donation Services wants to show our soldiers defending our freedom that we really care! There is nothing better for a soldier’s morale, then receiving hand written “Thank You” letters in the mail. We encourage people with a little spare time to write uplifting, positive messages for HANDS to send to our deployed soldiers overseas.


Can’t Think of Anything to Write?

Show that you are appreciative of the soldiers service to our country.Tell the soldier a little bit about yourself. Ask the soldiers questions. Please do not ask about warfare, killing, etc. Not every soldier believes in the same things as you do, so, please do not discuss politics or religion. These letters are all about letting our soldiers know that we love, appreciate, and support what they do for us. If you were the one getting your letter, would it bring a smile to your face?

We accept letters all year. Please mail your letters to:


PO Box 9040

Akron, OH 44305