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The Monthly Box Used To Help Those In Need

How Does Hand-A-Box Work?

Hand-A-Box is the once a month box to help people in need. We challenge each of you to donate for a Hand-A-Box. Each box will be packed with 7 days worth of items such as tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, meal bars, water, mouth wash, shampoo and these boxes will be given to people in need. At the end of each month we will take 100% of the proceeds raised and use them in order to provide Hand-A-Boxes to people that need them. We are currently raising money in order to provide 1700 homeless children a Hand-A-Box.
Donate To Give Others A Hand-A-Box
Choose how much you will give and each month HANDS will use 100% of the proceeds to give boxes to help others.
We Deliver Your Box To Someone In Need
Once you’ve donated for a Hand-A-Box we will package and ensure that each box is delivered to a person that needs it.
Feel Great That You’re Helping Change The World
Enjoy the great feeling of knowing that you’re helping someone in need and get ready for the good karma coming your way.

Hand-A-Box To Someone In Need





Here Is What We Put In Our Homeless Childrens Hand-A-Box

Bottles of Water
Protein Bars
Meal Bars
Snack Bars
Fruit & Vegetable Water Add.
Tooth Paste
Bar of Soap
Tooth Brush
Mouth Wash
Hygiene Essentials
Immune Health Water Add.
Joint Health Water Add.

Donate Today and give A Hand-A-Box To Someone In Need