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5 Quotes That Inspire You To Help Others

Helping others is a very important part of the way we live. Think back to all of the times that you needed help, whether it was needing a drink from the gas station, or getting a ride to the airport, aren’t you grateful for whoever in your life helped you obtain it?

These selfless acts are what inspires us all to love and help more people each day. Here are 5 of our favorite quotes about helping others, because when we are selfless towards others we are one step closer to true love.

Quote 1

“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.”

- Horace Mann

Selflessness Shows Character

This helping others quote really touches our heart because doing for others is a such a powerful act of love. Its amazing to look on the internet today and find so many videos of people reaching out, and helping others, and its these selfless acts that really show us how compassionate humanity really is. This quote by Horace Mann is exactly how we believe humanity should live, and that is why it has landed on this list about quotes to help others.

Quote 2

“Giving thanks for abundance is greater than abundance itself.”

- Rumi

Abundance Shouldn’t Be Taken For Granted

When we have an abundance of anything in life it is very important to be thankful for it. Whether its an abundance of money, friends, clothes, or food, us showing thanks for these things shows a deep part of who we really are. Today there are children sleeping in the streets, and countless humans with no food, yet at some time or another we all want more. It takes a very humble, and giving soul to give thanks for what they do have, and that is why this quote by Rumi is the second help others quote.

Quote 3

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

- Anne Frank

Giving To Others Is Always Positive

When you give to others because you love to help it’s never for the money, or the time that you have to put into helping them. Its about the love you share with humanity, and the priceless feeling you get from the act of giving. Giving in this way is a pure act of love and This quote by Anne Frank inspires us to give, making it a huge candidate for this list.

Quote 4

“Help the unfortunate today, they may become your mentors tomorrow.”

- Yohann Dafeu

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

When your’e out on the streets and you see that homeless person looking for food, what is the first thing you think of? Many people in my experience associate someone that needs help as a bad person, but why? Haven’t we all needed help at some point in our existence. I mean how are you even reading this, or did someone help you learn how to read? This quote by Yohann Dafeu is a great example of helping others no matter what the situation is, and that is why it has landed on our list.

Quote 5

“Its hard to make things right for everyone. But if everybody helped one person, lots of people would get helped.”

- Linwood Barclay

It All Starts By Helping Just One Person

For us to help all of the people in this world that need help we are looking at a huge task. But if we all can reach out to one person that needs it, humanity will start to see a huge impact. When you reach out to help someone it become contagious, you will start to notice people around you helping more and when this starts happening you can know that you encouraged the change. Helping others is a job for all of humanity and this quote by Linwood Barclay shows us how easy it is to make a huge change, and that is why it is on this list.

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