The HANDS Team bring on many events and projects in order to raise money for those in need. Below is a list of projects the HANDS Team has currently undertaken, with faith in changing the world for the better.

Reward-A-Hero Care Package Program

The HANDS Team is consistently raising money to buy goods and send care packages to deployed soldiers overseas. Thus far, HANDS has sent over 50 care packages to our dedicated soldiers. The majority of funds raised for our soldiers care packages, are raised by selling Unity Bands at events and online in our eShop.

The HANDS Team collaborating with the North Canton USO to send care packages to our soldiers overseas.

Breast Cancer Relief for Kelli Hughes

The HANDS Team came together with AM Clothing Co. to help raise money for a local woman with Breast Cancer (Kelli Hughes). Kwadwo Bediako, of AM Clothing, sold Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts to help raise $500 for Kelli’s fight against breast cancer. The HANDS Team also matched $500 by selling Breast Cancer Awareness Unity Bands. Combining our forces we were able to raise a total of $1000 for Kelli Hughes to help pay her chemotherapy bills. With this contribution we hope to make Kelli’s fight against breast cancer a little easier.

Skin Cancer Relief for James Norris and Family

When approached by a family friend of James Norris; the HANDS Team answered the call. A family and a Army veteran, James Norris who had been stricken with Melanoma Skin Cancer. With 4 days and the students of the University of Akron backing us, the HANDS Team was dedicated to raise over $1000 to help take the families focus off of money and on family. In our 4 day tenure at the University of Akron student union, the HANDS Team and the students raised a total of $1406 for the family. Our hearts are with your family in this time of need, and we hope this small contribution helps.

Changing the World Everyday, in Every-way

Not only does HANDS run these larger projects, but the HANDS Team members strive to help people every day, in every way. Whether that means pushing a broke down car to a gas station, or helping an old lady cross the street, our HANDS Team members are there. Leading the way for positive change the HANDS Team is dedicated to being the positive influence we want to see in our communities.


Projects Coming Soon:

Raising Money for Animal Shelters

School Fundraisers

Helping Battered Women

Helping the Homeless