Our organization is dedicated to serving those in need. We at H.A.N.D.S have a vision to impact the world in a positive way! With the help of our communities and donators we will touch the lives of millions in order to make the world a better place! We feel it is our responsibility to give back to the less fortunate, that is why 100% of all proceeds will go directly to helping those in need!


To all who seek change,

Hands Team is an entrepreneurial group of philanthropist. We believe in changing the world in a positive way, and are tired of 9-5 jobs. Our team is dedicated to raising money in order to supply those in need with everyday goods. This is not a j-o-b, this is a movement, this is a revolution ready for positive change. We are ready to be those positive mentors that our youth are missing. We are ready to destroy corporate greed and we consider ourselves a “Robin-hood Organization”. Hands Team is a commitment to serving others, to helping the needy, and to being the positive leaders we want our youth to be. With our everyday growth our movement is becoming stronger, the lives we are changing is increasing and our influence is being felt. Our everyday changes are providing the difference we need in our communities, cities, and eventually the globe. “Through our HANDS we will change the world.”


Cordially yours,

Hands Team


Unity Bands

With our Unity Bands, HANDS is raising money and awareness for all who are in need. You can now help support the needy while having the hottest fashion item of global history, all it takes is a $5.00 donation and HANDS will send you your very own customized Unity Band. The best part is 100% of the proceeds help HANDS buy products in order to better the lives of those in need. Unity Bands are handmade out of parachute cord (550 cord for you soldiers)  and there are several custom colors to choose from. Purchase your Unity Band here or vist our eShop and feel good knowing you are making the needy smile.


If you want to custom fit your own Unity Band but don’t know how, watch this video for a step by step guide.

The #HandsTeam #LaceUp @MachineGunKelly with a #UnityBand. Don’t be last to Join The Movement!


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