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Hands Dream

It feels like yesterday this was just a dream, four friends and I were the only members of the team. No name figured out just an idea to change the planet, we sat around amazed trying to figure out how to handle it. Step by step we executed the plan, somewhere along the road we got the name HANDS. No wall could stop us

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I love you…..

Its easy to take advantage of living but my question to you is are you actually living? Do you go to work everyday with the “forget the world” attitude or do you enjoy your job and the people you work with. do you appreciate your friends and family the way you should? Getting sidetracked for many different reasons  is easy in todays world but

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Can you admit your wrong?

Right now I am currently reading Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People by Rich DeVos and the first chapter its about being able to say “you know what I am wrong and I’m sorry”. I could  of very well been the poster child for exactly how not to say I was wrong. Can you think of a time in which you lost a good

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