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5k Run for the Paws Follow Up

We did it! We held our first 5k Run for the Paws to help the Stark County Humane Society. There were 78 pre-registered runners and an extra 11 Runners showed up the day of the event! (June 2, 2012) Thanks to all who helped us setup the run and also a big thanks to the runners who participated. We had such a good time

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Helping those in need.

Charity, volunteer hours, helping out at your local goodwill or salvation army. There are so many organizations and charities to give your time to… Why don’t more people do it? Personally giving back to those in need has given me the greatest feelings one can have. ( or atleast thats how i feel). Feeding the hungry around my community as well as helping the

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Thank you, a forgotten word?

It was a hot day at the armory, acu uniform slightly dampened from the continuous flow of perspiration coming from my body. They have me running around pretty much just helping anyone that needed help. I will never forget it, I’m helping this officer of the military (won’t put a name to) move his things into his office, he just got out of school

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Government Shutdown..Time is ticking!

Brandon checking back in. Washington is three days away from the deadline on making a decison about the federal spending plan and neither party can come to terms. As if our country is not in enough trouble right now. I am at a loss of words right now….Ok so obviously we need to cut back on our budget the country is in a recession. Yes we

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Earthquake hits Japan!Whats next?

God bless the people of Japan and may our prayers be with them as they go through this catastrophy. Japan has suffered from not one but several  of the worlds worst earthquakes of all time reaching a highof 9.1 on the richter scale. Scarrryy!!! This is not only a horrible earthquake but it is also the cause for a land sweeping Tsnuami that has wiped out land across Japans coast. Many people

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