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Hands Team Call

We are the HANDS TEAM, this is not a dream. This is a movement, a world wide improvement. Reaching out our HANDS, across all the lands, Uniting everyone with Unity Bands. A global opportunity of  a lifetime, a mission to end poverty and stop all crime. Get drugs and crime off the streets, we will never accept defeat. This is not a job it’s a

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I love you…..

Its easy to take advantage of living but my question to you is are you actually living? Do you go to work everyday with the “forget the world” attitude or do you enjoy your job and the people you work with. do you appreciate your friends and family the way you should? Getting sidetracked for many different reasons  is easy in todays world but

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My thoughts on best friends

Hello the one and thanks for joining me again. You know just the other day I spent 400$ to go see my best friend graduate basic training as an airman, flew out to texas for 1 day just to fly back after only seeing him for hours……. Most people might call me crazy….. But why? Basic training is one of the most important events

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