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How the Unity Bands Were Born

Many of the Hands Team supporters wonder where the Unity Bands originated from and are shocked when we tell them the roots. For everyone who does not know the idea behind the Unity Band, I dedicate this blog to you. The parachute cord bracelet, also known as a paracord bracelet or a 550 cord bracelet is a survival band used in the military by

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What is a paracord bracelet?

What is a paracord bracelet? How did the paracord bracelet start? Well first, I will start off by saying that a paracord bracelet is a bracelet that originated in the army. In fact to get even more clear, it was established by the para troopers long ago. How it started was when a paratrooper jumped out of a plane, he needed a way to

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Hands Dream

It feels like yesterday this was just a dream, four friends and I were the only members of the team. No name figured out just an idea to change the planet, we sat around amazed trying to figure out how to handle it. Step by step we executed the plan, somewhere along the road we got the name HANDS. No wall could stop us

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Hands to remember

Sitting by the pool on this beautiful memorial day, May 30, 2011. Sun shining down adding color to my pale skin. The wind blowing and not a cloud in the sky to block the rays. Kids running around enjoying their freedoms while their parents engage in discussion with long time friends. What a beautiful setting for this memorial day, and I remember our soldiers.

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Thanks for your service

As I sit here in my humvee and watch all of my soldiers doing their duties, it makes me think. Countless military veterans are sitting under a bridge in the freezing cold. No blankets, no pillows, no food, etc. How can our government let this happen? Why are the men who put their life on the line for our way of life kicked to

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Me and anthony

First time I seen ant in 3 months! Tweet

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