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Here is our non profit! How is it different from most non profits?

Hello everyone and thanks again for visiting our non profit organization Helping All In Need Donation Services! With todays corrupt world and the media skewing our perception on what really is important (our non profit believes in helping all in need) you also notice more humanitarians stepping up to the plate and trying to make a difference. I have noticed all over the place

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Government Shutdown..Time is ticking!

Brandon checking back in. Washington is three days away from the deadline on making a decison about the federal spending plan and neither party can come to terms. As if our country is not in enough trouble right now. I am at a loss of words right now….Ok so obviously we need to cut back on our budget the country is in a recession. Yes we

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My thoughts on best friends

Hello the one and thanks for joining me again. You know just the other day I spent 400$ to go see my best friend graduate basic training as an airman, flew out to texas for 1 day just to fly back after only seeing him for hours……. Most people might call me crazy….. But why? Basic training is one of the most important events

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Trending Now!

Hello everyone,  Brandon checking in to talk about a few things that i have came across that i must share. When I open up the internet explorer window it takes me directly to my home. This is where i spend much of my time reading e-mails, wathcing videos, doing research etc. I call it my home beacause it is reffered to as homepage funny tho because it really is like your home on the

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Who are you GoodSearching for?

Yes its that time again, I have something on my mind. Anybody  reading this use search engines? What do you use to help navigate your way through the infinite world of the internet, google, bing, yahoo, or do you ask Mr. Jeeves himself? Raise your hands if you use one of these…… One, two, three, four. Come on now I know their is more

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How do we start to make a difference?

You take a look at the world and what do you see? Are you that person always talking about how the world could be a better place? What are your thoughts? Possibly you think that the world should be peaceful and happy, rid of all the violence, war, murder and so on. Are you peaceful and happy? Maybe you think the world should help

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